6YE N-Cup TPE Doll Jocelyn 165cm Fat Tan Sex Doll


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6YE is a realistic TPE adult sex doll manufacturer. Our realistic life-size sex doll items are known for high quality, affordable prices and a wide range of choices.
Product Description

Features of TPE Sex Doll

1. This is the product of WM Doll, the largest manufacturer in the world TPE sex doll industry. 100% guarantee the same quality as the photo
2. Please feel free to contact us when you want to see shipping images and videos.
3. Suitable for healing, ornamental use, and sexual treatment. Not only for sexual pleasure, but also for endless uses such as dressing up, sleeping together, photography, and cosplay.
4. Bust triple structure: Natural softness similar to a female bust and breast shaking
5. You can experience softness close to human skin. You can keep touching the boobs and butt of real life sex dolls


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