What Are The Main Features of Ladyboy Sex Dolls?

In the sex doll industry, shemale sex doll specifically refer to dolls composed of real female dolls and special penises. They are made of soft rubber that is body-safe, comfortable to the touch and gives a realistic feel.

Hair is usually made of synthetic material but looks very realistic.

Dolls with faces are often made up to look like real transgender people.

Transgender dolls may vary in skin tone, and you can find dark skinned, light skinned or tan shemale dolls. They may even show Asian traits.

Shemale sex dolls feature a dildo that looks like a real penis and are designed with balls, heads and even veins. The length of the penis can vary, but the shaft is usually 7 to 23 cm.

Realistic breasts are an important feature of shemale dolls. The bust is C cup size, elastic and soft. They feel like natural breasts.

Shemale sex dolls

Some shemale dolls even come with attachments so you can replace your penis with your genitals. You can read transgender sex doll reviews to find out which shemale doll is right for you.

They are realistic sex dolls that make life-like sexual pleasure as simple and comfortable as possible. The experience you can get with this model represents an illusory natural woman. When creating these models, allow for the look and impression you get from the angle and proportions of the sex. The illusion is like you are seeing a naturally growing body.

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